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All kinds of concepts and study topics

From history to biology – can be explored through art. A creative workshop can bring fresh energy into the classroom, encouraging young people to experiment with different forms, techniques, and materials to create something new or re-imagine the familiar.

My workshops focus on the individual experience and voice of the young person rather than the end product (though that is always lovely to see!). In each workshop, I gently help the participants to tease out topics and problems so they can develop plans; experiment with colour, texture, and form; and produce creative outcomes that fill them with pride. I’m trained to support active learning thanks to my certifications in TAP (Teacher-Artist-Partnership) and Narrative 4 Story Exchange Facilitation. Just as important as the art work they create is the confidence they gain in their own abilities as they become comfortable with exploring fresh ideas and sensory experiences and using their imaginations!

Hands-on, Immersive Art Activities

In my school art workshops, I use varied hands-on, immersive activities from print-making to book-binding, to give children of all ages the opportunity to learn through play and experimentation. Primary-level children thrive in activities that involve colour and movement, while TY students are well able to devise thrilling and innovative projects that create real impact. And there are so many activities to choose from!

Amazing art workshop activities:

  • Printmaking including letterpress, drypoint & screenprinting
  • Ink making, natural dye and eco printing.
  • Bookbinding and journal-making
  • Heritage-themed projects

The only limit is your imagination!

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I stage workshops in indoor or outdoor spaces with small or large groups, using found objects and natural inks, as well as the kinds of materials you’d find in the art cupboard. Matching the activities and materials to each class and watching them master new skills is always a real joy.
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What are the learning benefits of art in schools?

There are all kinds of benefits that emerge when young people work with an artist in the classroom! Problem-solving, teamwork, and reflection are just as important to a great art workshop as personal expression. And working together on a textbook’s ideas through the lens of an art project can encourage all sorts of active learning.

I love to see pupils make all sorts of intriguing connections and take the subject matter into their own hands as we work together. Art can help to expand young people’s horizons as they work with different materials, teaching them the valuable lesson that there are always fresh approaches you can take to a
complex issues. When young people get to work with a real artist in a school setting, it helps them to connect with the importance of creativity. The experience breaks down old-fashioned ideas about what an artist is and who gets to be one too!

Arrange Bespoke Art Workshops and Residencies

I will happily tailor my art workshops to suit different age groups and abilities, and I can focus a project on specific themes you would like to explore, from areas of the curriculum to local heritage and the environment. As well as offering one-off workshops, I love to work in partnership with teachers and schools to plan workshop series, artist residencies and other types of engagement.


What Our Participants Say

“Wonderful how story and history of medieval times in the area are revived and animated through this artist’s method – the monkey the mermaid and the gateway to heaven all just fascinating.”

YouTube Review February 2022

— SO Whelton —

“This is a really fascinating film, incredible to think of lithographs been made in Antarctica at this time.Thanks for the lithography demonstration. The whole project is so interesting ,thank you.”

YouTube Review January 2022

— Carol Kennedy —

“I never knew how prints were made or anything about lithography. I can’t believe they did this in Antarctica. I’m a huge Shackleton fan and this is a completely different insight for me. This is fascinating. Thanks for demonstrating”

YouTube Review January 2022

— Experiencing Ireland —

“Brilliant afternoon with Angelina.Spent a sunny afternoon with Angelina at Kilkea Castle. Learnt the art of grave rubbing – Angelina is a great teacher. She is patient, highly skilled and great fun. We all came away with something we’d made in the two hours”

Trip Advisor Review August 2021

— AnitaBreak41 —

“A very infomative and pleasant experience. Angelina was an excellent teacher. The practical, hands on experience allowed me to learn as we worked. Delighted with the results of the process”

Google Review June 2021

— Cristeen Kilkenny—

“Thank you angelina for a really great course on ecoprinting on japanese paper you were very generous with your knowledge and i had great fun. And so glad i could buy that awagami japanese paper from you wow its gorgeous”

Google Review June 2021

— Deirdre Crofts —

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